Prija is a luxury cosmetic line with exotic ingredients. All products are characterized by a high content of natural essences and aromatherapy effects. Macadamia oil is rich in fatty acids, has antioxidant effects and has a unique ability to moisturize your skin in the long term. Ginseng is a natural source of energy; as a source of health that can relieve fatigue and revitalize the body, it was popular among inhabitants of mountainous regions of northern China more than 5,000 years ago. Essence of cypress is an indispensable part of the massage oils and aromatherapy.

Herbal extracts are an essential ingredient for soothing and revitalizing skin care line that will promote daily ritual to relaxing treatment for all senses.

Priya is defined by a distinctive aromatic scent with citrus flavors, which stays on your skin, and its regenerative effects provide a sense of comfort and hydration throughout the day.


Hand and Body Moisturiser with Vitamin E

Prija 1 40 ml

Vitalising Bath Cream with Ginseng

Prija 2 40 ml

Relaxing Massage Lotion with Cypress

Prija 3 40 ml

Vitalising Shower Gel and Shampoo with Ginseng

Prija 4 40 ml

Conditioning Shampoo with Eruca sativa

Prija 5 40 ml

Protective Conditioner
with bio-hydrolyzed green walnut extract

Prija 6 40 ml

Emollient and aromatic lip balm with Vanilla berries

Prija 7 5 g

Vitalising Shower Gel and Shampoo with Ginseng

Prija 8 10 ml

Vitalising Bath Cream with Ginseng

Prija 9 10 ml

Restructuring Shampoo with Eruca Sativa

Prija 10 10 ml

Hand cream with Macadam oil to have velvety skin

Prija 11 10 ml

Energising towelette with Lotus Flowers from Laos

Prija 12 1 ks

Softening soap

Prija 13 15 g

Softening soap

Prija 14 40 g

Softening bar soap

Prija 15 150 g

Softering soap

Prija 16 15 g

Shower cap

Prija 17

Sewing kit

Prija 18

Vanity set

Prija 19

Reception tag in recycled paper with indication of Prija range

Prija 20

Emery board and cherry-wood

Prija 21

Shaving kit

Prija 22

Slippers in white cotton worked honeycomb

Prija 23

Shoe polish

Prija 24

Paper tissues

Prija 25

Relaxing Bath tablet

Prija 26 35 g

Loofa pad

Prija 27

Restoring Body Cream with vitamin E

Prija 28 380 ml

Vitalising Bath Cream with Ginseng

Prija 29 380 ml

Gentle cleansing hand wash with Ginseng

Prija 30 380 ml

Vitalising Shower Gel and Shampoo with Ginseng

Prija 31 380 ml

380 ml products with pump

Prija 32

380 ml products with holders

Prija 33

Tray in natural wood (perfect for both small and big packages)

Prija 34

Gift set of 380 ml products

Prija 35

Ecru natural cotton sack with draw string and a hang tag in recycled paper Prija

Prija 36

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